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Organic Social Media 

When I joined MyHealthTeam in 2021, I was excited to take on the challenge of creating a social media strategy that would have a positive impact on company-level KPIs like acquisition and traffic, while increasing awareness across social platforms through engaging content. Prior to my joining, the social media strategy consisted of posting links to articles across platforms. Now, the MyHealthTeam social media landscape looks very different, with priority sites represented across all major social media platforms, and custom graphic and video content tailored to each. 


Increasing Reach By Re-Engaging The Facebook Audience

Re-engaging a disengaged audience is no small task, and it was one of the biggest hurdles that the organic social team faced when I joined MyHealthTeam. There had been so little prior focus on creating engaging content that our followers were no longer being served our posts in their feeds, which resulted in dwindling engagement and reach.


We embarked on a mission to recapture the audience's attention through two strategies: Facebook statuses meant to elicit comments, and informative, shareable graphic content. In the first year, these two strategies combined resulted in a 217% increase in reach on priority accounts, due to increased engagement. 

MyPsoriasisTeam IG page before

Platform Expansion: Instagram

Before I joined MyHealthTeam, the company had no meaningful Instagram presence. I saw this as an opportunity to create Instagram accounts for our top priority sites, with the goal of building the followings on Instagram to reach new audiences and offset the diminishing acquisition and traffic returns from Facebook.


Since January of 2023, we have seen a 186% increase in impressions, a 92% increase in followers, a 183% increase in reach, and an 11% increase in website taps from Instagram. These large gains are due to the team's engaging graphic and Reel content, as well as influencer partnerships.


MyPsoriasisTeam IG page after

Platform Expansion: TikTok

In late 2022, the organic social team launched its first TikTok account for MyPsoriasisTeam, utilizing videos from influencer partnerships along with social team-made videos like the two examples here. Despite road blocks from limited bandwidth, we were able to grow a small TikTok presence. My goal is to establish MyHealthTeam as the only healthcare company using TikTok in a way that feels authentic to the platform. 

In 2023, we have plans to transition the MyPsoriasisTeam account into a MyHealthTeam account, with condition-specific playlists. 

Impact on Company KPIs

In 2022, the organic social team successfully increased traffic by 74% and member acquisition by 37% through increased engagement and reach across platforms. In 2023, we are on track to surpass last year's numbers and this year's goals. ✨

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